Second Time Lucky

This is my second try at blogging. My first was a bit of a work-related experiment. To see just how much time it took to run a blog as a communications tool for my organisation. It took too much for me! Or maybe it was just that I wasn’t actually doing it during the working day. Mind you, that was because I didn’t have the time. So anyway, to cut a long story short, over a year I only managed to post three times. 

But I like having a blog. It is fun – providing a space for being creative and for writing in a different way to what I do at work. And there is something intriguing about sharing yourself with an unknown audience (unknown who, where or if you even have one).

As I write, I can hear the rhythmic tapping of my husband, no doubt punching out another post on his blog. I’ve always commented to him that the blogosphere seems to be male-dominated. At least all the geopolitical blogs he reads seem to be mainly inhabited by men, as do the posts. I tease him that it is because women are too busy actually running the household and the world to spend time sucked into a computer-mediated conversation. But hey, here I am. Maybe there is a feminist revolution about to occur in the blogosphere. Or maybe, and more likely, I’ve simply caught up with all the fembloggers out there. 

But alas, there is washing to fold, chores to do and a few lanes to swim. So we’ll both be logging off for a while.


7 responses to “Second Time Lucky

  1. Both of us? Oh, that’s so unfair!

  2. Sorry honey, but somebody has to take a degree of responsibility for thousands of years of repression and discrimination.

  3. haha

    Just to let you know that there is a whole world of feminist and women blogger types out there. In fact, I’m surprised when I come across a male blogger.

  4. It’s only a matter of time before women become a majority of bloggers, if they aren’t already. Unfortunately, most men don’t seem to read or link to blogs written by women, so the female blogosphere appears invisible.

    Hmmm, why does this seem familiar?

  5. Thanks George. It sure is another world here in the blogosphere. One that I am having fun learning about. Look forward to hearing more from you and catching up with your happenings on your blog.

  6. Welcome Jo, and thanks to Nikki for the tip-off 🙂

  7. Thanks Julie. Lovely to know about The Hand Mirror – already had a good read!

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