Only One Thing to Say

It’s been a while – apologies for that. What better time to post than post-election. In the end, I don’t have that much to say about it. The only thing that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth is that ACT gets five seats in parliament with only 3.72% of votes.  To point out the inequity, NZ First got 4.21% of votes but gets no seats in parliament. Surely a good system is based on fairness. This doesn’t seem fair to me – that a party like ACT gets so much power for so little popular support.

Recently I was briefed by a colleague in the USA about their upcoming election. After giving a run-down on the potential benefits and disadvantages for sexual and reproductive rights of a McCain or Obama Presidency, she summarised thus:

Remember: your friends can disappoint you, and your enemies may not be as bad as you expect.

I’m finding these pragmatic words somewhat comforting at present.


2 responses to “Only One Thing to Say

  1. That is a wonderful quote, I like it very much. I think I’ll cling to it tomorrow as I go back to work at the union I work for…

  2. Thanks Julie. I hope it stood you in good stead at work. Let’s hope the second component of the quote holds true, and the first happens as infrequently as possible!

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