Coffee for the People

Unashamedly, I am a coffee snob. Actually, I prefer to call myself a coffee conessiur (nah, not really). Unashamedly also, this post will appear like a blatant advertisement for Peoples Coffee. And I guess it is – they deserve it!

I love my morning coffee. I’m only allowed one a day and I like to get it from a place that sells fair trade coffee (proper fair trade coffee, not some sorry excuse trying to work its way around the edges). I like to get it from a barista who understands that making coffee is a careful balance between art and science. (Yes, that is ths snob emerging.) Most of all, I like to recieve my little shot of caffeine necter from a person who is friendly.

And my local Peoples Coffee is just that. Every morning I am guaranteed to have a laugh while waiting for my coffee. Last week I got into conversations with others waiting. Great, silly, fun conversations with random strangers. We talked about wearing our bikinis at work, giggling over the absurdity of sitting at your computer in your bikini, speculating over what our colleagues would think. We talked about whether green curry or meat pies had more fat in them, coming up short against the question of whether green curry pies would be the supreme fat sponge or somehow end up better than the separate pie or curry.

Not only do I get the best coffee in town, I also start the day with a little bit of fun and laughter. What more could you hope for?


One response to “Coffee for the People

  1. Where do I have to go???? I’m all for a little fun before work. And although not a coffee snob .. I do love my morning cuppa.

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