Greetings friends. 

I’m a thirty-something, professional living in Wellington, New Zealand. I am happily married to a fantastic guy (it still makes me feel odd to say I’m married). We have a cosy little home, with lots of potplants and a small vegie garden.

I love Wellington, particularly the south coast with the ever-changing views of Bearing Head and the Kaikouras. I even love Wellington weather – the wearing Nor-wester, the slamming southerly storms, and those rare but precious clear, calm days. I grew up in South Auckland on a farm where I learnt how to spin wool, knit (although I hated it – too slow), crochet, raise sheep and cows, and garden. Many of these skills have laid latent since we moved to the city when I was a moody 13 year-old but recently I remembered my love for making things from wool and plants. Its suprising just how much comes back to you. I’m even contemplating giving knitting a go. (Inspired by a friend who was telling me about OutdoorKnit.) We’ll see. Decisions such as these need to be made slowly.

I work in international development, with a focus on health. Ten years of nursing will do that to you! After working mostly on surgical wards, I now work in sexual and reproductive health. I am fascinated by the global politics of sexual and reproductive health issues, as well as international development. So many perspectives, so many challenges. But my passion for this work can get me into trouble. Like a friend once said to me, “there is such a thing as too much sun”. Just because you care about something and enjoy it, doesn’t mean you have to be it. And I had become work. 

So, I am reclaiming my life and getting back to all the other things I enjoy. And I’m going to share some of that with anybody who stumbles across this blog. I’ll also write about work-related issues from time to time. So this blog promises to be a bit of a mish-mash of different bits and peices. Let’s see what happens!


2 responses to “About

  1. littlegemsession

    Hey there. I came over from The Hand Mirror and just want to say you have a nice blog voice and to keep it up 🙂

  2. Thanks! Your compliment has made my day. 🙂

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